Radel & Hahn Year In Review 2020

The year of challenges!

We are proud to present to our customers, partners, colleagues and friends the 6th edition of Year in Review Radel&Hahn Holding. The COVID-19 has tested not only the economic but also the social life. Our company also needed to face this challenge. The year 2020 revealed how crucial the cooperation and the shared value are.

„In view of this difficult year we need to realise that the health, the freedom and the peace are the most important values we could have and we must maintain it by all means.” -Andrea Hahn-Radel (Executive Director, Radel & Hahn Holding)

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Competitiveness Enhancement Support Program

The Radel & Hahn Ltd. has successfully applied for the state Competitiveness Enhancement Support Program.

As part of the HUF 576 million investment, we will acquire new equipment to increase the quantity and quality of production. The ceremonial handover of the certificate took place on 28th of May 2020 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest.

” I would like to express our thanks to the Hungarian State

and the state leadership for the competitiveness support they have

provided to the Radel & Hahn Zrt. It is a great honor for us to

receive favourable consideration, thus recognizing the

importance of our activities.”- CEO János Tar said

Efficiency gains and innovation

„Our response to the challenge of today’s economic situation is efficiency gains and innovation . With the modern, up-to-date equipment to be procured , we can implement the capacity expansion of our plant. We are taking a huge step in the direction of ensuring long-term high-quality continuous production in our 2000 sqm air duct and air conditioner assembly plant in Debrecen. We are further developing our cleanroom equipment to meet the expectations of the future now.„- CEO János Tar formulated the further goals of the company.

Contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy

We can employ more manpower for our complete building services projects in both trade and industry. We can get closer to achieving our goal of getting as many equipment manufactured in Hungary as possible to end users during Hungarian investments and thus contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy . ” – CEO János Tar said at the solemn press conference.

Video of the solemn press conference c/HIPA:

Hi-Lex, Radel&Hahn, Tboss

A jelenlegi nehéz gazdasági helyzetből a kiutat azoknak a vállalatoknak a támogatása jelenti, amelyek készek beruházásokat végrehajtani, ezáltal munkahelyeket teremteni és megvédeni a jelenlegieket. A Hi-Lex, a Radel&Hahn és a Tboss vállalatok összesen 1,3 milliárd forintnyi beruházás végrehajtásról döntöttek, ezáltal megmentenek 539 munkahelyet, és mindehhez 659 millió forint kormányzati támogatást kapnak.

Közzétette: Szijjártó Péter – 2020. május 28., csütörtök
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Austria’s best family business in 2019

The award of „Austria’s best family business” was given on 14th May 2019. Austria’s best family businesses have been awarded 19th times by the „Die Presse”, the Sankhaus Spängler, the BDO and the Österreichischen Notariatskammer. In the assessment of the successful family businesses such aspects play an important role like business succession, strategy and development potential.

This year the Radel & Hahn Holding GesmbH received the award of „Burgenland’s best family business 2019.”

Radel&Hahn Holding – Burgenland’s best family business 2019

The management and development of the company has been managed jointly by three generations.

„We are honorued and glad to have this award. A word of thanks is due to our management, colleagues, customers and partners who contribute to the success”, declared Andrea Hahn-Radel CEO.

This award is dedicated to our Director, Robert Hahn, died in 2014 who managed the company for a period of 22 years wholeheartedly and with a sense of humour. Without his accomplishment the compay could not be able to achieve this success.

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