Laminar Boxes

Air streams horizontally or vertically in our desktop or standing units and their working area are classified into the 5th ISO-class according to the EN ISO 14644 Standard.
Laminar boxes can be used widely during microbiological works, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging, in the field of semiconductor manufacturing or during laboratory works, in which no health hazard chemicals are released.

Other main group of our laminar boxes are classified into ISO 5th and ISO 4th cleanliness class or into the Biohazard class Nr. II., which are suitable for work processes, where chemicals with low or medium hazardousness are used. This equipment provides proper protection for laboratory workers when they mix different chemicals and the enviroment is kept safe this way as well.

Cytoflow 915 laminar box provides a working area of high purity and of increased protection to the person, who works with cytostatics. Its partly closed working area is suitable for portioning of low-hazardousness biological substances and infusion.

Brochure of laminar boxes