Air conditioning and ventilation plans

Owing to the great number of advantages and the fact that the customer can choose among 10 quality levels, the Radel & Hahn air handling and conditioning units (airflow capacity is between 500 – 100.000 m3/h) can be used anywhere.

  • Roof centers
  • Small ventilation
  • Cleanroom units
  • Swimming pool units with integrated control system
  • Refrigerating units

The modular system can also be used for many other applications, even outside of ventilation technology, owing to its favorable static and heat insulation characteristic and the excellent sound insulation. The modular elements have been used for example, in:

  • Sound insulation hoods for machine tools
  • Test cabins for electrical appliances
  • Drier cabins for the foodstuff industry
  • Air chambers and large ducts for air conditioning system