Air Handling Unit M-Series

Radel & Hahn air handling units are made for more than 40 years and their improvement is an ongoing process. The crowns of this innovation are the radel air conditioning and M-Series air handling units, since we realised a wide range of practical ideas during their production. These units are of modular design so as we be able to meet any special customer request. During innovation we laid a great emphasis on easy serviceability and on corrosion resistance of our airhandling units.

The modular casing meets the requirements of the EN 1886 Standards.

Fields of Application:

  • Roof centers
  • Small air handling units
  • Cleanroom units
  • Drying units
  • Swimming pool units with integrated control system
  • Refrigerating units
  • Air handling units for technical cooling
  • Sound insulation hoods for refrigeration equipment and for machine tools device
  • Test cabins for electrical appliances
  • Drying chamber for usage in food industry
  • Air chambers and large ducts for air conditioning systems

Brochure of the M-Series airhandling units